November 14, 2017, a group of third-year students of the specialty “Tourism”, along with associate professor of the department of wine technology and enology, IS. Kalmykova ONAPT attended the tea tasting in the “Chinese Tea” as part of a practical lesson on the discipline “Tasting in Tourism”.

14 ноября 2017 года группа студентов 3-го курса специальности «Туризм» присутствовали на дегустации чая в «Китайской чайной»

If you want to join the high culture of the tea ceremony, find out what the oolong pueri differ from, feel the lightest notes of the orchid flavor and peach taste of Oolong Tea Guan Yin – the Iron Goddess, then you need to visit the “Chinese Tea Room” at: Novoselskogo str., 98.
Hospitable owner and an experienced titer (tea taster) Nicholay will acquaint you with more than 100 varieties of Chinese tea and help you to know all the subtleties of tea drinking.

Nicholay told about the centuries-old tea history, classification and features of technology (the way of processing) of each group of teas. The boys saw how to make tea properly. Got information about what straits are and how many straits there can be for each kind of tea. We learned about the temperature of water for brewing, dishes for tea drinking, sensory descriptors of tea.
In a surprisingly cozy and soulful atmosphere, students tasted several types of tea, including “smoked” oolong and dark Shu Puer with a thick aroma and “earthiness” in taste.

Chinese teas are an incredibly refined theme. Immerse yourself in this universe of flavors, fragrances, colors and shapes!