The logo of the Department of Technology of Wine and Enology is a combined image of a symbol and an inscription.

logo_engThe symbolic part of the logo is a stylized graphic image of the god Dionysus and vines with a bunch of grapes. The face-mask of the god Dionysus is in terracotta color. It passes into a leaf of grapes and a purple-red grape bunch crowns a head of the god.

The vine symbolizes Tree of Knowledge. Grapes are a symbol of wisdom.

Most of the time vine associated with Dionysus. Dionysus is ancient Greek god of grape harvest, the patron of viticulture and winemaking. The god Dionysus image in the logo of the Department signifies total direction for students and winemakers. They count with centuries-old traditions of winemaking, recall the continuity of these traditions from ancient times to the present day. After all, the cult of Dionysus is very ancient; he is older than the cult of Olympic gods and even the cult of goddess of the land -Gaia.

The presence in the logo of the Department vines with a bunch of grapes emphasizes relations between arts and sciences – viticulture, the art of vine cultivating, and enology, and the science of wine. Only together they determine the quality of wine.

The colors of the logo are orange and purplish red. This is the color of heat, fire. They associated with joyfulness, energy, life.